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Praise for Awake in the World:


“Moffitt’s inspiring book is an oasis in a stressed world.  Debra is a gifted teacher who guides us to tap into our sacred spaces—both outside in the natural world and within—to help us connect with our spirit.  I highly recommend it.” 

               - Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Beach House


Awake in the World offers 108 quick and simple exercises inspired by wisdom traditions around the globe. Compatible with any belief system these practical techniques can be used any time you need them. Learn to sharpen your spiritual awareness, stay calm in a crisis, focus on what is truly important, and recognize the divine all around you. Best of all, you'll invite soul-nourishing peace and calm into your fast-paced life.

Grow a secret garden • Work with love • Bless your pets
Enjoy mindful lovemaking • Chant a sacred mantra


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"Like Eat, Pray, Love without the whine!"   ​​
Janna McHanah, Bestselling Author of Anonymity about Garden of Bliss​​

​​"Everyone has a secret garden, but few of us are aware of it. That's why it’s secret. By inviting you into her garden Debra Moffitt uncovers and unlocks the gate to your own." - Rami Shapiro, Author of Writing, The Sacred Art and ​Columnist for Spirituality & Health Magazine


“A lushly detailed, luxuriant read of a book, brimming with tales of Moffitt’s world travels as soul awakening. Readers are invited to embark upon their own soul journey using dreaming, intuition, and synchronicity, and to enter the secret garden of their inner world for extraordinary healing and growth. Highly recommended!”—Sara Wiseman, author of Becoming Your Best Self and Writing the Divine

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Riviera Stories

Riviera Stories portrays a dozen Riviera residents in search of something beyond wealth and glamour. A famous musician who’s lost the music in his soul and becomes a nobody to get it back; an American expat who lost her husband and goes looking for love in the wrong places; a Moroccan waiter at the Hotel du Cap with big dreams and desires for one of the hotel’s guests; some Riviera commuters who are stopped by a roadside stripper, a camel, and a crash; and a monk tempted by a dream woman. Mysteries open up as they all seek to find something that makes sense beyond the crazy, materialistic world around them. Riviera Stories spotlights Monaco’s playground of the rich and famous, Antibes beaches and restaurants, and the lush mountains and perched villages beyond the coast and brings them to life. (Fiction)

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Mantras and Meditations for Awakening

​Discover mantras and meditations Debra includes in the book, Awake in the World. The cd includes the guided jyothi or light meditation, the Asatoma mantra, 21 Oms chant, the Gayatri mantra, and a one minute silent meditation. Available in MP3 format or CD.


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Guided Meditations for Inspiration & Creativity

​Journey into the Secret Garden aims to awaken your creativity and joy. Discover the secret garden guided meditation for inspired creativity.  The labyrinth meditation aims to help you release blocks and move forward, the dream temple meditation activates your dream life and the light meditation brings in light and good energy. Available in MP3 format or CD.



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