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 "Debra Moffitt's simple and clear spiritual practices, which can apply to anybody regardless of their personal beliefs, are inspiring and non-intimidating. By incorporating them into your life, you will certainly experience a  greater sense of joy and inner peace."                                          

                                                    - Mallika Chopra, founder of and daughter of Deepak Chopra


Intuitive Coaching


Debra's Professional & Life Experience

Debra works one on one with you to inspire you to have the courage to follow your soulful guidance, and to help you to find clarity and understanding around your yearning to find purpose and to be of service. She will work with you to draw out your own inner wisdom and encourage you to take practical and grounded actions toward bringing your spirit into your work, be true to your self, and gain insights about your deeper guidance. One on one mentoring via Phone or Skype is $150 for 60 minutes. Take advantage of the current special of $90.00 USD for one hour. Pay through the link below and contact Debra for questions and to schedule a time at


Debra worked in international business marketing and post acquistions to integrate new businesses before leaving the corporate world to write and teach fulltime. Through years of deep spiritual practice, including meditation, yoga, fasting, periods of silence, and extensive dream work, her intuitive abilities have grown. Her intuitive coaching sessions offer a way to help you connect more deeply with your own soul's calling. Her award-winning book, Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life  continues to inspire and encourage people worldwide from the U.S. and India to China,  Australia, and beyond. Her book, "Garden of Bliss" describes the process of awakening and soul growth and encourages readers to stand strong in their own inner wisdom and listen to its guidance.



Living a Divinely Inspired Life Workshops


Work & Spirituality Workshops

Spirituality & Work: Bridging the Gap and Thriving  (Workshop on request)


Questions around work and life purpose open the door to exploring what we're being called to do on a deeper level. Often career decisions were initially made around financial aims and social status, but many of us are feeling this is no longer enough. We're feeling called to pursue meaningful work that aligns with our deeper sense of purpose and allows us to express and use our natural gifts and talents as a way of making a contribution to the world and support ourselves in the process.


In this workshop participants will have an opportunity to:


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Living a Divinely Inspired Life
(Workshop on request)


Much of the time we live on the surface. We go through our days drawn out and drained by the ever-widening array of things that demand our attention: TV, Internet, media, social life, the desires for more things, more money, and status.  Discontent and frustration takes over, and we lose contact with our true nature of peace, joy, and contentment. When the focus turns inward to listen to the Self, big shifts in life satisfaction begin to occur. By taking moments to soothe the senses and move inward through reflection, contemplation, self-inquiry, and meditation, new levels of awareness begin to open. One hears the deep whisperings of the wisdom heart and we begin to know and realize the peace, joy, and contentment we truly long for.


In this interactive and experiential presentation, award-winning author, Debra Moffitt, encourages participants to reconnect with their natural peace, creativity, joy and wisdom using tools from wisdom traditions around the world drawn from her book, "Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life". She aims to help people find their own ways to step into their power and peace, align with their souls and develop divine Self-confidence. Debra's workshops are loved for their humor, creativity, interactivity, and playfulness.


In this workshop participants will learn to:


- Find purpose in their work

- Tap into deep resources of wisdom

- Discover their inherent creativity

- Explore their values and vision

- Begin to learn what tools best help them access peace and contentment.


It uses guided meditation, writing, drawing, lecture and interactive sharing. To book a workshop contact Debra Moffitt at: